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Gujarat Titans
Three things that favor Gujarat Titans ahead of the IPL 2023 Qualifier
May 23, 2023
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May 23, 2023
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Three things that favor CSK ahead of the IPL 2023 Qualifier

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After finishing in the top two to secure their spot in Qualifier 1, the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) are aiming for a record-equaling fifth Indian Premier League (IPL) title. On Tuesday, May 23, the match will be played against the Gujarat Titans (GT) at the MA Chidambaram Stadium.

The defending champions, who have won all three of their previous meetings, will present a significant obstacle for the Men in Yellow. The key GT players are in great shape and have the spin attack to challenge the home team.

Simultaneously, however, the Super Rulers will not be outclassed in a few offices. They can advance to the final, and they will rely on a few crucial match-defining factors to ensure that they do so on their first attempt.

For the first IPL 2023 Qualifier, CSK benefited from these three factors.

#1 CSK has a stable lineup that they have maintained through thick and thin.

CSK and soundness remain closely connected. MS Dhoni and the group’s research organization are known to back their players through various challenges, and they’ve adhered to a too great extent comparative mix in IPL 2023.

In any event, when the Super Lords were having a seriously difficult time halfway through the season, with only one win in four matches, they rolled out no extraordinary improvements to their side. The only change was Deepak Chahar’s return from injury, and the swing bowler has earned the trust of his captain.

CSK’s players play characterized parts, which is something that can’t necessarily be said about GT. They might also have to make a few changes for the playoffs because Hardik Pandya seems to choose his role in the team on the spur of the moment.

#2 The Super Kings' starting lineup has been in excellent shape.

CSK’s opening pair was largely responsible for their success in IPL 2023. Devon Conway and Ruturaj Gaikwad have formed a partnership that is just as significant despite Faf du Plessis’ absence for the past two seasons.

This season, Conway has scored the most runs for the team, scoring 585 runs at an average of 53.18 and a strike rate of 138.62. He has up to six fifties under his belt. Gaikwad has likewise crossed the 500-run mark and even though his typical drops down to 42, his strike rate is a noteworthy 148.23.

All the more critically, Conway and Gaikwad know exactly how to manage various restrictions. This year, they have successfully balanced conservative cricket with risk-taking, perfectly complementing one another. The duo has also performed admirably at home.

#3 Chennai is performing at the cherished Chepauk venue.

CSK consistently performs better than any other team in the IPL at home. The Men dressed in Yellow have won 45 of their 67 matches at the setting, an unmatched success rate for a T20 outfit.

Chepauk has been a raucous wall of yellow throughout the competition, and fans of the franchise have been flocking to venues across the country this season. In addition, the ground’s favorable spin profile frequently favors the home team, although GT may not experience this problem.

The situation would’ve been different in some other scene, however, the Chepauk factor is genuine. Even if CSK play an opponent that appears to be significantly superior to them on paper, you can never rule them out at the MA Chidambaram Stadium.


Three factors favor the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) ahead of the IPL 2023 Qualifier match against the Gujarat Titans (GT).

Firstly, CSK’s stable lineup is highlighted. The team has maintained consistency in their player selection throughout the season, demonstrating strong backing from MS Dhoni and the coaching staff. Unlike the GT, who may have to make changes for the playoffs, CSK’s players have well-defined roles and consistent team composition.

Secondly, the excellent form of CSK’s opening pair, Devon Conway and Ruturaj Gaikwad, is emphasized. They have been crucial to CSK’s success, with Conway being the team’s highest run-scorer in the season and Gaikwad also surpassing the 500-run mark. Their ability to adapt to different situations and strike a balance between conservative and aggressive cricket has been commendable.

Lastly, the home-ground advantage at the MA Chidambaram Stadium, also known as Chepauk, is considered significant. CSK has a remarkable success rate at this venue, winning 45 out of 67 matches played there. The supportive crowd and the favorable spin conditions at Chepauk contribute to CSK’s strong performance on their home turf.

The CSK has favorable factors working in their favor for the IPL 2023 Qualifier. Their stable lineup, the outstanding form of their opening pair, and the home-ground advantage at Chepauk provide them with a good chance to secure a victory and advance to the final. However, it’s important to note that cricket matches can be unpredictable, and the outcome will ultimately depend on the performance of both teams on the day of the match.

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