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The T20 Strike Rate of Babar Azam is under question. Live on-air combat between Simon Doull and Ameer Sohail

"File:Babar Azam in 2020.png" by BBC Urdu is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Babar Azam is once again being considered, but this time, his T20 strike rate is in doubt. When reporting on the third Twenty20 international between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Simon Doull and Ameer Sohail got into a verbal spat live on television. It was Babar Azam’s strike rate that was in dispute in this case. His T20I strike rate is 123 or so. Whereas other batters who are regarded as the best in the T20 competition have strike rates that range from 145 to 150. This is a detailed look:

Pakistan’s T20I skipper Babar Azam is once again making headlines. This time, attention has been drawn to his T20 strike rate. Babar Azam did not play in the just-finished T20I series between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Saim Ayub and Mohammad Haris were the opening combination for the Pakistan Cricket squad, as Babar was resting. Nonetheless, the majority of cricket observers agree that the PCB must make sure Babar bats at position three in T20Is. The third place in the T20 format acts as an adhesive. The batter can take his time and bat between 125 and 130 strike rate at this position.

Ameer Sohail and Simon Doull Fight

When discussing the first innings of the third T20I between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Simon Doull and Ameer Sohail got into a verbal spat live on television. Based on Babar Azam’s strike rate, the argument was made. “I don’t care about the strike rate; what I am looking for is the average,” Ameer Sohail stated. What is the strike rate like 135, 130 if I look at the finest T20 cricket players like Chris Gayle and AB De Villiers?”

Simon Doull firmly retorted, “No, it’s 150 for AB De Villiers and 158 for Chris Gayle. Unfortunately, AB De Villiers’ score is 145; what is Babar’s? “Babar Azam is without a doubt the best #3 batsman in the world

Detail Analysis

Babar Azam is considered one of the best batsmen in the world across all formats of the game. The Pakistan skipper is known for his technically sound batting and his ability to anchor the innings while scoring runs at a healthy strike rate. However, his T20 strike rate has come under scrutiny recently, with some commentators questioning whether he is too slow for the shortest format of the game.

The debate over Babar Azam’s T20 strike rate was sparked during the third T20 international between Afghanistan and Pakistan when commentators Simon Doull and Ameer Sohail got into a heated on-air argument about Babar’s strike rate. Sohail argued that Babar’s average was more important than his strike rate, while Doull countered that the best T20 players in the world have strike rates of over 150, whereas Babar’s strike rate is around 123.

This argument has led to a broader debate about the role of strike rate in T20 cricket and whether it is a reliable indicator of a player’s ability. Some argue that strike rate is crucial in T20 cricket, as the format demands quick scoring and big hits. Others argue that the strike rate can be deceptive, as it does not take into account the context of the game, the quality of the opposition, and the role of the batsman in the team.

To understand Babar Azam’s T20 strike rate, it is important to look at his overall T20 record. Babar has played 59 T20 internationals for Pakistan, scoring 2,387 runs at an average of 47.74 and a strike rate of 129.84. He has scored one century and 20 half-centuries in T20Is and has been a consistent performer for Pakistan in this format.

However, Babar’s T20 strike rate is lower than some of the other top T20 batsmen in the world. For instance, Chris Gayle, who is considered one of the best T20 batsmen of all time, has a strike rate of 146.94 in T20Is, while AB de Villiers, another T20 great, has a strike rate of 135.16 in T20Is. This has led some to question whether Babar is too slow for T20 cricket and whether he needs to improve his strike rate to be more effective in this format.

One factor that needs to be taken into account when looking at Babar’s T20 strike rate is his batting position. Babar has batted mostly at number three in T20Is, which is a crucial position in the batting order. At number three, the batsman is expected to anchor the innings and hold the batting together while also scoring runs at a decent clip. This is why Babar’s strike rate at number three is around 123, which is lower than his overall strike rate.

However, Babar’s strike rate at number three is not too far off from the average strike rate for this position in T20Is. According to ESPNcricinfo, the average strike rate for number three batsmen in T20Is is around 125. This suggests that Babar is doing his job well as a number three batsman and is not necessarily too slow for this position.

Another factor that needs to be taken into account is the role of the opposition and the situation in the game. Babar has often batted in challenging situations for Pakistan in T20Is, such as when the team has lost early wickets or when the required run rate is high. In such situations, the batsman needs to focus on maintaining a balance between scoring runs and keeping their wicket intact. Babar Azam’s ability to do this is what sets him apart from other T20 players. His technique and temperament make him an ideal player for the number three position in T20 cricket.


In conclusion, Babar Azam’s strike rate may be under question, but his consistency and ability to anchor the innings make him an invaluable asset for any team. While strike rate is an important factor in T20 cricket, it’s not the only factor that determines a player’s worth. Babar’s exceptional average and ability to score runs consistently make him one of the best T20 players in the world. As for the on-air spat between Simon Doull and Aamir Sohail, it highlights the ongoing debate about the importance of strike rate in T20 cricket, and the need to look beyond just the numbers to understand a player’s true value.

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