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May 15, 2023
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5 key points from Barcelona’s 4-2 victory against Espanyol as Lewandowski’s double sealed the league’s first championship since 2019

"File:2016-17 FC Barcelona at the Match of Champions.jpg" by Save the Dream from Doha, Qatar is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Barcelona defeated Espanyol 4-2 on Sunday, May 14, to claim the La Liga championship for 2022–23. After four years, the Blaugrana won the top-flight championship with two goals from Jules Kounde, Alejandro Balde, and Robert Lewandowski twice. The Periquitos scored two times in the end organized through Javi Puado and Joselu, however, the outcome was never uncertain.

Xavi’s group required success to make it happen and went as fast as possible, to some extent in the initial verse, when they were in journey control. Before Balde doubled their lead nine minutes later, Lewandowski scored with a straightforward finish at the near post in the 11th minute.

As the Espanyol defense was brutally exposed, the Pole scored his second of the evening from another tap-in. Kounde heaped further hopelessness on the transfer-engaging side with a fourth in the 53rd moment before the Periquitos got one back through Puado 20 minutes after the fact. After that, Joselu made it 4-2 in overtime to make the score appear more respectable.

Barcelona has formally delegated the heroes of the Spanish association as they can’t be numerically gotten now, having arrived at 85 focuses after 34 games. The most that second-set Genuine Madrid can accomplish is 83. In light of this, the game’s major talking points are as follows:

#1 Barcelona was anxious to do the task swiftly.

Barcelona started fast and raced to a 3-0 lead in the first half, knowing that a win would win the title. This effectively ended the tie as a contest. It required simply 11 minutes for them to break the gridlock, as the Blaugrana were anxious to take care of business straightaway. Their presentation in the main half was top Barcelona, ruling belonging, making various possibilities, and dividing their adversaries open at the back.

Barcelona appeared to ease off the gas after their fourth goal, allowing Espanyol to get back into the game after the hosts scored twice late on to cut the deficit. However, the damage was already done, so it was too little, too late. The Blaugrana have won their first La Liga title in four years, their 27th.

#2 Espanyol's spirit of resistance provides hope for survival

With a seventeenth loss in 34 association games, Espanyol stays buried in transfer in a nineteenth situation in the standings with just 31 places, four hapless of well-being with as many games remaining.

However, the Periquitos’ fighting spirit, later on, suggested that they still possess it. After just 53 minutes, Luis Garcia’s team fell behind 4-0, but they didn’t give up and fought back, scoring twice in the final 20 minutes to make it 4-0. They passed the ball quickly to create space in Barcelona’s defense, giving the impression of being aggressive on the break.

In their final four games, Espanyol faces Rayo Vallecano, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, and Almeria. Except for one, all of them are still in the bottom half of the standings. Assuming they play with similar determination in those games, the transfer could be kept away.

#3 Lewandowski improved his chances to win the Golden Boot.

With a pair of goals in the first half, Robert Lewandowski gave Barcelona the lead. His first goal was a straightforward tap-in after an assist from Alejandro Balde in the 11th minute, and his second came just before halftime after Raphinha’s beautiful pass had rendered Espanyol’s defense defenseless.

As a consequence, the Pole increased his season total of goals scored to 21, moving four goals ahead of Karim Benzema, whose chances of winning back-to-back Pichichi honors are quickly fading.

Both teams still have four games to play. Although there is still a chance for things to turn around, Benzema will need to put up a tonne of goals in his remaining matches and hope that Lewandowski loses his shooting form.

#4 In the summer, Joselu should anticipate suitors.

Joselu has performed admirably this season, so even if Espanyol is demoted from La Liga, he may anticipate interest from the top division. He scored his 15th goal of the season on Sunday, which is the third-most after Lewandowski (21) and Benzema (17).

By no means was it the most incredible strike? Fernando Calero’s initial attempt hit the post, and Joselu just pounced onto a stray ball to score from a scant five yards away.

It was proof of his great positioning and reading, though. Joselu can be an absolute predator in the box, and he has shown that all season. A player like him would be beneficial to mid-table clubs.

#5 Reigning champions Barcelona: the start of a new era or an anomaly?

After four years, Barcelona won the La Liga championship with ease. The interceding time frame has been wild for the club, which persevered through a devastating monetary emergency and saw many vital participants leave, including Lionel Messi.

After taking over in November 2021, Xavi consistently remade the club from the wreck he acquired. The Spaniard reestablished Barcelona’s character by moving their playing style back to a belonging-based approach supported by guarded greatness.

With Joan Laporta returning as president, the management certainly played a significant role as well, emphasizing the growth of young talent and departing from their previous policy of costly signings.

The big question now that Barcelona is back at the top of Spanish football is whether this is the beginning of a new era of dominance. The Blaugrana have a very good team and are trying to get Messi back, which will help them a lot if they want to win the title next year.

This summer, Real Madrid will rebuild after conceding the title in a rather sluggish manner. That has already begun, with Borussia Dortmund’s Jude Bellingham presumably on his way to the Santiago Bernabeu, along with possibly a few more players.


Barcelona’s 4-2 victory over Espanyol secured their first La Liga title since 2019, marking the end of four years of upheaval for the club. The match showcased Barcelona’s determination to clinch the title quickly, as they raced to a 3-0 lead in the opening stages, displaying their dominant possession-based style of play. Despite Espanyol’s late resurgence with two goals, Barcelona’s lead was insurmountable.

Espanyol’s fighting spirit in the latter stages of the game provided hope for their survival in the league, although they remain in a relegation battle. Their ability to fight back against a formidable opponent demonstrated their potential to secure crucial points in their remaining matches against teams in the lower half of the standings.

Robert Lewandowski’s double strengthened his claim for the Golden Boot, extending his lead as the league’s top scorer with 21 goals. Karim Benzema’s chances of catching up are slim, requiring an exceptional goal-scoring run in the remaining games.

Joselu’s impressive performance and goal-scoring ability for Espanyol this season suggest that he may attract interest from clubs in the top flight, despite the team’s potential relegation. His predatory instincts and positioning in the box make him an asset for mid-table teams.

Barcelona’s triumph raises questions about whether this marks the beginning of a new era of dominance for the club or if it is a one-off success. Under the leadership of coach Xavi and the return of Joan Laporta as president, Barcelona has made strides in rebuilding the team and restoring its possession-based playing style. The emphasis on developing young talents and the potential return of Lionel Messi further strengthens their prospects for next season. Meanwhile, Real Madrid will undergo a rebuild, signaling potential changes in the balance of power in Spanish football.

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