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CeeDee Lamb, Dak Prescott’s top receiver, discusses the effects of an impending contract extension. not a single distraction

"CeeDee Lamb Cowboys (cropped)" by AlexanderJonesi is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

As he begins his fourth season in the NFL, CeeDee Lamb, a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is likely to receive a contract extension. Lamb, who became the Cowboys’ top wide receiver during the past season, is likely to earn a sizable contract after coming off a career-best year.

Dallas has been participating in OTAs in Frisco, but despite being eligible for an extension, it hasn’t come yet. Lamb has grown into a terrific receiver and Dak Prescott’s most reliable weapon, so it only makes sense that the Cowboys want to keep the former Sooner from Oklahoma.

Contract disputes can occasionally distract players and the franchise. Lamb, meanwhile, isn’t in the least concerned now that Dallas has exercised his fifth-year option because he is instead concentrating on his football.

Jon Machota of The Athletic quoted CeeDee Lamb as saying: “I’m going to be 100 percent honest, I’m not even distracted.” Concerned about the money. But I don’t have anything in my thoughts when I wake up in the morning or when I enter the building. I don’t give any idea how much money I’ll make. It just comes down to entering and proving my value, and letting everything else take care of itself.

That is undoubtedly encouraging for the Cowboys, but they will need to work out a deal quickly because the asking price will continue to rise over time.

CeeDee Lamb deserving of a prestigious Cowboys contract?

It is an important topic for discussion, and things become fascinating when we look at some of the highest-paid wide receivers. Tyreek Hill ($30 million APY), Davante Adams ($28 million APY), and Cooper Kupp ($26.7 million APY) are the athletes used as comparisons. For a variety of reasons, all three may be regarded as the best receiver in football.

Does Lamb have a place in the classification?

Most people would say no at this point, but regrettably, it is standard practice in the NFL to become the best-paid at your position.

Based on his performance the previous year, Lamb could easily get $20 million a season, which he is more than worth. However, things get complicated if we venture into Hill and Adams’ sphere of influence.

Most Dallas supporters may agree that CeeDee Lamb is a league superstar and should receive $20 million APY, but should it go beyond than that? It’s uncertain.

CeeDee Lamb merits a sizable new deal, but it’s debatable whether he can overtake the highest-paid NFL receiver.


CeeDee Lamb, the top receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is on the verge of receiving a contract extension after an impressive performance in his third season. Lamb remains focused and undistracted despite the impending contract negotiations, prioritizing his football career over financial matters.

His dedication and commitment to the game are reassuring for the Cowboys, who undoubtedly want to retain him as Dak Prescott’s primary weapon. While Lamb’s performance justifies a substantial contract, surpassing the highest-paid wide receivers in the league, such as Tyreek Hill and Davante Adams, maybe a more contentious debate. While he deserves a significant new deal, it remains to be seen whether Lamb can surpass the top earners in the NFL receiver position.

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