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May 27, 2023
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Chelsea vs Manchester United: 3 Important Turning Points to look out for | Premier League 2022-23

"Manchester United v Everton, 17 September 2017 (43)" by Ardfern is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

One of the midweek Premier League games this week will pit Manchester United against Chelsea. On Thursday, May 25, the game is set to take place at Old Trafford. The Red Devils have 69 points after 36 league games this season, and they just need one more point from their next two games to secure a spot in the UEFA Champions League for the following campaign. They are now ranked fourth overall.

Chelsea, on the other side, has struggled in the league this year, earning just 43 points from their first 36 games. They are presently ranked 12th in the rankings. It may be said that the rivalry between the two teams has been fierce for many years despite Chelsea’s inconsistent play.

As a result, this article will examine three crucial fights to pay attention to in this confrontation.

#1. Enzo Fernandez vs Casemiro

One of the greatest defensive midfielders in the league, Casemiro has helped Manchester United’s midfield remain steady this year. The Brazilian has so far made 26 league appearances and has contributed to six goals.

Since he has proven effective in attack as well, it is difficult to keep track of his movements. Therefore, if Chelsea is to win this match, Enzo Fernandez and the other midfielders must keep an eye on him.

On the other side, Fernandez is vivacious and has exceptional defensive instincts. It will be intriguing to observe which midfielder triumphs in this conflict.

#2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka vs Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling has been effective in attack in recent weeks despite Chelsea’s dismal league record this season, and he will be one of the main threats for the Red Devils.

In his first 27 league games with the Blues, Sterling has six goals and three assists. It’s challenging to keep up with him since he moves quickly with the ball in his hands and can leave opponents in his wake.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka will have a tough time overcoming Sterling, it might be said. Wan-Bissaka, on the other hand, is the ideal defensive partner because of his exceptional ball-winning skills.

His main task in this match will be to keep Sterling under observation.

#3. Lewis Hall vs Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford has excelled in attack for Manchester United this season despite dealing with ailments in recent weeks. Rashford has 33 league appearances this year and has 16 goals and 5 assists. With 29 goals across all competitions, he has the most goals for the team this year.

He moves quickly, and his vision in the last third is amazing, making it difficult to keep up with him in attack. Rashford may play, which means Lewis Hall will have his work cut out for him.

Despite Rasford’s extensive expertise in attack, Hall may find it challenging to quiet his compatriot in this match despite playing well in his past two league games.


The upcoming match between Chelsea and Manchester United holds immense significance, with three pivotal turning points that could sway the outcome of the game. The midfield battle between Enzo Fernandez and Casemiro will determine the control and stability of their respective teams’ play.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s task of containing the dynamic Raheem Sterling will be crucial in curtailing Chelsea’s attacking threat. Meanwhile, the clash between Lewis Hall and the talented Marcus Rashford will be pivotal in shaping Manchester United’s offensive endeavors. These individual matchups highlight the intensity and competitiveness of the encounter.

The performances of these players will play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the match, and both teams will heavily rely on their respective stars to deliver standout performances. As the teams take to the field, these three turning points will undoubtedly capture the attention of fans and add an extra layer of excitement to the clash between two fierce rivals.

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