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Premier League 2022–23 summary: Erling Haaland to make history by scoring Fifty Goals

The last stretch of the 2022–23 Premier League season is presently in progress. As the title battle between Manchester City and Arsenal intensifies, fans are already anticipating a heart-pounding conclusion.

As the league nears its last four or six games, there is a lot on the line. The fight to escape relegation, Champions League slots, European positions, and title glory are all on the line. Right now in the season, clubs near the bottom of the standings have a good chance of winning an unexpected victory.

Games involving the Big Six are now at an all-time high. Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Newcastle United are all motivated to win all three of their remaining games this season. At this stage of the season, losing points may be expensive. We can all anticipate drama, unexpected turns, and most importantly, plenty of passion since there is so much at stake.

Top-four teams in the Premier League:

1) Manchester City: Champions

By becoming only the second side to win three straight Premier League championships since Manchester United, Manchester City will create Premier League history. They will face softer opposition in their last six games after thrashing the Gunners on Wednesday night (April 26).

With eight victories in a row, the Citizens have a spectacular finish to their 2022–23 Premier League season. In the 92 years of English top-flight football, Erling Haaland has been scoring goals for fun and recently became the first Premier League player to reach 50 goals across competitions. We can anticipate City to win all their remaining games and coast to a fifth championship in six years with a one-point advantage and a game in hand.

2) The second-place finish for Arsenal

Arsenal will need to win five of their next six games if they want to win the title. Based on their present form and the opponents they will face in their remaining games—Chelsea, Newcastle United, Brighton & Hove Albion, Nottingham Forest, and Wolverhampton Wanderers—it can be very challenging, though not impossible. Sadly, the chances of them winning all of these games are extremely slim.

After City knocked Arsenal off the top spot, the team’s confidence declined. In their previous four games, they’ve lost one, drawn one, and let up 11 goals overall. Only three of a possible nine points have been earned by the Gunners.

3) The third-place finish for Newcastle United

Manchester United may have been predicted by pundits to place third in the Premier League standings. However, Newcastle United appears to have a much easier task ahead of them than Manchester United does for their remaining games.

Only Liverpool has a chance to defeat Newcastle at home in the Premier League this year. Four of the Magpies’ last seven games will be played at home. Three away games against squads like Leeds United, Southampton, and Everton wouldn’t be particularly difficult matches.

This season, the Magpies will defeat Manchester United and place third. Given that United’s last ten games have been inconsistent, Newcastle will have a better chance of finishing ahead of them.

4) Manchester United finished in fourth place

United must contend with the challenge of playing clubs that are currently ranked in the top half of the league. These games are expected to be fiercely contested because Brighton, Chelsea, and Fulham are all competing to qualify for European football’s top division.

The Red Devils, rather than Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, or Aston Villa, have the best chance of finishing in the top four. To do this, they simply need to win three of their last eight games.

The Premier League's lowest three teams:

1) Southampton F.C.: twentieth-place showing

With only 24 points, the Saints are now positioned at the bottom of the standings. The club seems to be mainly interested in surprising the top six clubs. After defeating Chelsea in the middle of February of this year, three of their last ten matches for Southampton have all resulted in draws. Arsenal, Spurs, and Manchester United have all lost to them, in that order.

Even worse, their final four games are scheduled against Liverpool, Fulham, Brighton, and Nottingham Forest. This would be a hotly-fought fixture list for the Saints because all of these clubs have something to gain.

2) 19th position for Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest doesn’t have a strong league record while playing the big six. They still have games against Arsenal and Chelsea as the season draws to a close. Forest could be able to get a point against Chelsea and perhaps even a victory against Southampton at home. However, they won’t be able to finish that alone.

The last time Forest was able to win on the road was back in January when they played Bournemouth. The Tricky Trees will likely end in 19th place this season since they have little chance of fighting their way out of relegation this year.

3) Leicester City: Finishing in 18th place

Since hiring new manager Dean Smith, the Foxes have been successful in keeping the boo-boys quiet. They have demonstrated their strength against every side in the bottom half of the Premier League league.

Leeds United and Leicester City will compete for 17th position in the standings. The game between Leeds and Leicester on Tuesday night was pivotal, as we all anticipated, and there is now just one point separating the two clubs.


The potential outcomes of the 2022-23 Premier League season are a focus on the top four teams and the lowest three teams in the standings. Manchester City is predicted to win the league title with eight consecutive victories and softer opposition in their remaining games. Arsenal will need to win five of their next six games to have a chance at the title, but their chances are slim based on their recent form and upcoming opponents. Newcastle United is predicted to finish in third place due to a relatively easier schedule compared to Manchester United, which is predicted to finish in fourth place. The potential outcomes for the three lowest-ranked teams in the league: Southampton is predicted to finish in twentieth place, Nottingham Forest in nineteenth place, and Leicester City in eighteenth place. The last stretch of the Premier League season is likely to be filled with drama, unexpected turns, and passion due to the high stakes involved.

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