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Indianapolis Colts Player Under NFL Investigation for Potential Gambling Violation

American football players on field, location unknown, 1 March 2017. View public domain image source

The Indianapolis Colts have confirmed that one of their players is currently under investigation by the NFL for a potential violation related to gambling. Although the team has not disclosed the identity of the player or provided specific details about the case, the news has emerged, raising concerns within the football community. This article will delve into the recent incident, the NFL’s stance on gambling, and past gambling-related controversies involving the Colts.

The Confirmation and Ongoing Investigation:

The Colts acknowledged the NFL’s gambling investigation on Monday, without divulging any additional information regarding the matter. Reports of a potential infraction of the league’s gambling policies had surfaced, leading to the initiation of the inquiry. As of now, the player’s identity and the exact nature of the violation remain undisclosed. The team is currently engaged in workouts, with further updates expected to be shared on Wednesday.

Recent Gambling Infractions and Suspensions:

In April, the NFL handed out suspensions to five players for gambling infractions, four of whom were from the Detroit Lions. Quintez Cephus, Stanley Berryhill, and C.J. Moore, three of those players, were subsequently released by the Lions. Berryhill and receiver Jameson Williams both faced six-game suspensions for wagering on non-NFL games, while Cephus and Moore were given indefinite punishments for doing so. Notably, Jameson Williams, the 12th overall pick in the 2022 draft, remains part of the Lions’ roster.

Previous Incidents Involving the Colts:

The Colts’ current gambling investigation is not the first time the franchise has faced such allegations. In 1983, former quarterback Art Schlichter, who was the fourth overall pick in the 1982 NFL draft, received an indefinite suspension for his involvement with bookies he owed money to. Initially, Commissioner Pete Rozelle imposed the suspension, which was later reduced to 13 months after Schlichter agreed to testify against the bookies. However, the Colts decided to release Schlichter in early 1985 due to rumors suggesting his continued gambling activities. Notably, Schlichter’s ban marked the first time since Alex Karras and Paul Hornung in 1963 that an NFL player has been penalized for gambling.


The Indianapolis Colts find themselves entangled in a gambling investigation after the NFL initiated an inquiry into one of their players. While the specific details and the player’s identity are yet to be revealed, this incident highlights the league’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the sport and enforcing strict gambling policies. As the investigation unfolds, the Colts organization and the NFL will undoubtedly take appropriate actions based on the findings.

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