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June 1, 2023
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What does Tyler Johnson’s 40-time mean? Speed records in comparison to Cooper Kupp

"Tyler Johnson 2020 Playoffs - WFT vs. Buccaneers (51001317583) (cropped)" by All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Before entering the NFL, Tyler Johnson enjoyed a great deal of fame among draught and fantasy Twitter groups based on his achievements in college.

He made a big impression in his sophomore season at age 19 and then dominated his junior and senior seasons. Johnson was unstoppable while he was a student at Minnesota. Over his four years at Minnesota, Johnson caught 213 passes for more than 3,300 yards.

Johnson’s performance in the gym wasn’t up to standard, which was a disadvantage. Speed is not his greatest attribute, as seen by the combine’s 4.70 and 85.6 40-time and speed scores, respectively.

Since it was revealed that Tyler Johnson had signed with the Los Angeles Rams, many have contrasted his abilities, particularly his speed, with Cooper Kupp’s.

Johnson and Kupp don’t have the best reputations for being nimble. Cooper Kupp probably fell in the draught that year as a result of his 4.62 40-yard sprint performance at the 2017 combine. Although he lacked explosiveness, the Rams didn’t bother. Nevertheless, they went with him, selecting him with the third-round choice 69 overall.

Kupp is swift even though his scoreboard speed is a little sluggish. Kupp still possesses speed, even though he isn’t frequently recognized as a speedy rusher on the scoreboard, according to Next Gen Stats. They contend that Kupp clocked a speed of 20.45 mph in the NFL during a 20-yard touchdown run in Week 3 of the 2022 campaign.

Given that Johnson has played in the league less frequently than Kupp has, it will be difficult to tell whether the player is speedier. However, Kupp’s performance at the combine tipped the scales somewhat in his favor.

In 2023, Tyler Johnson might play a crucial role for the Rams.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked Tyler Johnson with the 161st overall pick in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draught. Since then, he hasn’t spent a lot of time with another team.

Tyler Johnson, a 24-year-old player who is currently on his fourth team, is still a young athlete. He rose to fame primarily with the Buccaneers. He recorded 36 catches for 360 yards for the 2021 team that won the Super Bowl.

He didn’t register a reception for the Houston Texans last season despite playing in just two games. The Rams traded Allen Robinson to make room for a wide receiver to line up behind Cooper Kupp.

The Rams value all types of receivers and want their explosive passing attack to return. If Johnson does well in training camp, he may be offered the opportunity to play in the offense.


Tyler Johnson, known for his achievements in college football, faces a disadvantage in terms of speed, as evident from his combined performance and speed scores. Comparisons have been drawn between Johnson and Cooper Kupp, who also faced skepticism regarding his speed but was selected by the Rams in the 2017 draft.

Despite his perceived lack of explosiveness, Kupp has showcased his speed on the field, reaching a speed of 20.45 mph during a touchdown run in the 2022 season. While it is difficult to determine who is faster at this stage, Kupp’s combined performance may give him a slight advantage.

Tyler Johnson, a young player on his fourth team, is poised to play a significant role for the Rams in 2023, provided he performs well in training camp.

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